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Page history last edited by Pneuma 7 years, 4 months ago
File Description Remarks
0000.d2d  All items, consumables, equipments, objects  
0001.d2d Set Items  
0002.d2d UI related?  
0004.d2d Weapon Types  
0005.d2d Equipment Abilities(Mods) Contains more entries than the server oddly enough
0006.d2d Actions/Skills  
0007.d2d Magic Types/Xiens?  
0008.d2d Status Ailments  
0009.d2d Monsters  
0010.d2d NPCs  
0011.d2d ??? A lot of different stuff including char names  
0013.d2d MainXien and Tooltips  
0015.d2d Emotes  
0018.d2d Character Descriptions  
0031.d2d SubXiens  
0034.d2d Warp Points  
0037.d2d Main Menu   
0038.d2d Error Messages  
0039.d2d Error Messages  
0056.d2d Map Tooltips?  
0092.d2d Game strings Contains majority of them
0121.d2d  Actions?   
0129.d2d~ Item/equipment related?  





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