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 Defines for each character, of each type(etc S/SH/H/), how each point of attribute affects the character.


;서버용ID	항목	레벨제어상수 L	     포인트 상수 N	시엔레벨상수 X	포인트 보정상수 P     	HP	MP	SP	WEIGHT
Character ID    Entry   LV Ctrl const L      Point const N      Xien const X    Pt correction const P   HP      MP      SP      WEIGHT
2000000		1	5		     25		        15		1			7	1	8	4


Character Type: (    0 starts with Lucian SH type, 1 is Boris SH.

                              14 loops back to Lucian S type, then 15 is Boris H type, etc.

                               until 27 where it loops back to Lucian again, for last but not least, H type )

    CHAR_TYPE0 = 0, // Lucian

    CHAR_TYPE1, // Boris

    CHAR_TYPE2, // Maximin

    CHAR_TYPE3, // Sivelin

    CHAR_TYPE4, // Joshua

    CHAR_TYPE5, // Lanjie

    CHAR_TYPE6, // Izaku

    CHAR_TYPE7, // Mila

    CHAR_TYPE8, // Tichiel

    CHAR_TYPE9, // Ispin

    CHAR_TYPE10, // Nayatrei

    CHAR_TYPE11, // Anais

    CHAR_TYPE12, // Chloe

    CHAR_TYPE13, // Benya



1     STAB

2     HACK

3     INT

4     DEF

5     MR

6     DEX

7     AGI



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