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GM Related

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GM Commands


Haven't tested all, but so far seems like Builder type difference is only that 2 is in Open Chat and cannot create items (but can use /gen to create monsters).


Action  Description

Builder type 1 

(Main Builder)

Builder type 2

(Support Builder)

Say behaviour Always Shout Open Channel
/create Create Item or Monster

Go to specific location (N = units North, E = units East)

/go mapID,N,E


Send notice

/n [a|l|f] [color] [type] [message]


Mute player/globally for duration in minutes

/q [a|UserName] [duration]

/c Summon player to your location
/meet Meet player
/ho Hide mode on
/hf Hide mode off
/clear Clear map
/cut Kick User  

Move player to location

/move Username,MapID,N,E


Stops player/globally from performing action

/stop [a|v|UserName] [duration] [option]

/time Get time
/liveall Resurrect all  
/getGSW Get Global Switch  
/setGSW Set Global Switch  

Get Good Will (npcID = column 4 of Messengers.jtales)

/getGW npcID


Set Good Will

/setGW [npcID] [value]


Restrict Signboard? (didn't work)


Unrestrict Signboard

/so [Username]

/resign Resign as GM  

Unrestricts target

/release [a|v|UserName]


Generate Monster

/gen [MonsterID] [Quantity] [PatternFile]

/show Show Data?  
/setmap Change Map Attribute  
/bladd BlacklistAdd (Doesn't do anything)  
/blremove BlacklistRemove (Doesn't do anything)  
/blshow BlacklistShow (Doesn't do anything)  
/blblock BlacklistBlock (Doesn't do anything)  
/blunblock BlacklistUnblock (Doesn't do anything)  



GM Items


/create [ID] [Quantity]

ID               Name                                 Comment

1000974     †運営者用シューズ


1001803     アイオブビホルダー          Sees all stats of target (Single Use Item)

1001804     メモライズ

1001805     テレポート

1001806     テスターの魂                    Respec Item

1001807     魂の精化石                         Respec Item

1001808     インクリスクロール

1001809     言霊の巻物

1001810     言霊たちの巻物


1002348     開発者の涙                         Full Heal?

1002349     運営者の心                         Full Heal?



1004508     プレミアムアルバム


1004509     パンドラの箱

1004510     レベル初期化スクロール

1004511     二進化スクロール               Pet LV 1-2

1004543     三進化スクロール               Pet LV 2-3

1004512     スキル初期化スクロール



1003045     孵化短縮巻物(EX)

1003046     孵化短縮巻物(1時間)

1003047     孵化短縮巻物(10分)

1003048     孵化短縮巻物(5時間)


Other useful items:

1002814     Coordinate Register

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