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Welcome to Talesweaver Private Server Information Wiki


Here you will find information about things I compiled and/or discovered about the Talesweaver Private Servers.

Check out the new and improved Server Installation guide

                                                 You can find various pages to the sidebar here ----------------------------------------------------->





     This also serves as a mini-homepage for my own little private server aptly named 'TWPrivate'

My goal is to get as much translated into English as possible, and also hopefully attract some skilled

personnel to develop some tools for further expanding the horizons of a Talesweaver private server.


     You can register and download the client here: http://twprivate.us.to/registration/



10x EXP and 15x Droprates

Translated Graphical UI*

Translated item and equipment names*

Translated skills menu*

Translated monster names*

Some translated quest and npc dialogues




What's to-do:

Translate item/skill description

Translate NPC names

Translate chapter/free quests

Better website                                     

Better name for server

other things i can't think of at the moment


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